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The Beauty Survey


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so with this thought in mind I interviewed a few people—male and female, younger and older, and from different backgrounds—to find out what they felt made a person attractive. Here are some of their answers:

What I find most attractive in a woman is when she isn’t overly concerned about what others think of her, when she just acts naturally.

—Raymund (29)

One way that I judge whether or not a woman is beautiful is if she’s smiling and her eyes are happy. If so, then she’s beautiful to me, even if she isn’t what most people would call glamorous or especially good looking.

—Tim (20)

If somebody has a kind and concerned spirit, they’re beautiful no matter what their physical features may be.

—Melody (21)

My personal definition of a beautiful woman has changed over the years. It has gone from a ravishing young blonde, to a Kindness, gentleness, positiveness, conviction, and a sense of humor are some of the qualities that make a person beautiful.

—Armina (27)

What makes a woman beautiful to me is her spirit—the way she reacts to people and situations around her.

—Nathan (24)

My survey was simple as surveys go, but the consensus was clear: Those polled said that real beauty runs deeper than physical attributes, clothing, or cosmetics; it comes from the inside out. I agree, and it seems that’s how God looks at it too. “Man looks at the outward appearance,” the Bible tells us, “but the Lord looks at the heart.”1

11 Samuel 16:7

Andrew Mateyak is a member of the Family International in the Philippines