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Who's the Boss?


When people ask for advice regarding their marriage or budding love relationship, I often tell them that the most important thing is to let Jesus be the boss. No matter how much two people love each other and no matter how much they have in common, they are going to have some disagreements. When that happens, the surest way to know what's right is to ask the highest authority. If both partners are willing to let Jesus make the decisions, they can avoid the friction and resentment that undermine many relationships.

Maybe the one you love has done things that have hurt you. Maybe you feel he or she doesn't understand you or isn't meeting your needs. Maybe you feel guilty about mistakes you've made or pain you've caused. Maybe a lack of communication has created a gulf that seems impossible to bridge. No matter what your difficulty or circumstances, Jesus has the answers.

He knows your heart and exactly what you need, and He can fix anything. He loves you so much that He gave His life for you, so you know your happiness is important to Him. I've found that He always has a plan to bring wonderful things out of each test in our lives. Sometimes we go through long, dark tunnels, but we always come out on the other side as long as we keep following Jesus.

Look to Him for guidance, and have faith that He can and wants to give you solutions to your problems and disagreements. In some form or another, those solutions will always come down to love, humility, prayer, and communication—the four most effective problem-solving tools ever.

You let Jesus be the boss by communicating with Him through prayer, first of all. Take your problems and differences to Him, and let Him speak to your heart about them, either directly or through His written Word. Then act on what He shows you. That's where the love, humility, and better communication between you and your loved one come in, as well as more prayer for Jesus to make whatever inward changes you each need.

As you do your part, Jesus will reward your faith. He will change circumstances for you‚ improve things, encourage you, and strengthen your spirits. If things seem to be progressing slowly‚ don't give up. Keep trusting Him to come through for you, and He will bless you with a happy, fulfilling relationship.