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Gulu School


Finishing Touches on the New Dorms


Here are some pictures of the progress on our latest home for children. As you can see, in some of the pictures, the dorms are nearly finished—and just need the facing board on the roof and some final-touch finishes. Funds from our sponsors help us with everything from the basic building and construction to the finishing touches of painting and building new toilets.  

Gulu Ophans React to Receiving Get Their First Stuffed Animal

We thought you'd enjoy seeing the kids' reactions to getting their very own Swahili Teddies - hand knitted teddy bears knitted by some friends of the school in the UK and personally transported over to the Gulu School. Our kids are flipping out to have them. There is no word in Acholi language for 'toy' so it's all a new concept to have something so cute and cuddly. A big thank you to the ladies who poured so much love and time into these beautiful creations!