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21 days left to submit your scholarship application!

The deadline for applying for our spring scholarship session is March 15th. Don't miss this opportunity. Read more about 21 days left to submit your scholarship application!

Home for the Holidays!

The holidays are a really big deal when you have to leave home to attend school for a good part of the school year. This past school year, Family Care Uganda accepted 12 students from the Ik Tribe. Getting an education for these students means leaving family and loved ones and the remote tribe they call home, but it's worth it for the students and their families. Here is the latest from Gulu. Read more about Home for the Holidays!

Nepal Earthquake Relief!

Help us support a missionary team working with survivors of the two large earthquakes that have struck Nepal in the past 3 weeks. Anything you give in the way of donations or prayers will go a long way towards helping our team provide relief in the best way possible.

Below is a brief update by Activated Ministries staff member, James Smith, with more information on Family Volunteer Services Nepal, a missionary team who have been immersed in earthquake relief efforts since the April 25th earthquake. Read more about Nepal Earthquake Relief!

What's Up in Gulu?

With a new school year starting up, the children and staff and the Family Care Uganda school in Gulu, are happy to be back at school and are ready for a rockin' year ahead! Some of the highlights of the past weeks include the arrival of twelve new students -- children from the Ik mountain tribes and two new housing units that are nearly ready to accomodate FCU's burgeoning student population. Catch up on the latest Gulu happenings here.  Read more about What's Up in Gulu?

$1000 Scholarship Contest

If you're looking for tuition assistance, check out this $1000 Scholarship Contest by Formswift. The application deadline for this contest is February 28th, 2015, so don't delay. Click here for more information.


  Read more about $1000 Scholarship Contest

Need Help Finding an Online College?

Online college degree have their advantages, especially if you live overseas or need a flexible schedule while you obtain your degree. If you're thinking of getting a degree utilizing an online college program, here are some resources to help you on your way. Please bear in mind that not all online colleges are created equal. While there are some programs that are very good and have good rankings, by doing your research and checking reviews, etc. you can avoid the more "fly-by-night", poor quality programs that cost a lot while offering very little in return. 

  Read more about Need Help Finding an Online College?

More International Scholarship Programs

For any of our readers who live in foreign countries and are looking for scholarships to help them in their pursing a college degree, here is a website that provides updated listings of international scholarships. The website is called "Scholarships for Development" and is specifically designed to help people in developing countries further their education.  Happy scholarship hunting! Click here for the listRead more about More International Scholarship Programs

Summer Highlights and Progress In Gulu

Hot off the press, the latest updates from the Gulu team. Click here to read all about the very special summer vacation trip, the first time many of these impoverished children have been outside of Gulu. 

Click here to read more about the progress made by the FCU team, including a new administration building.  Enjoy! Read more about Summer Highlights and Progress In Gulu

Deadly Snakes, Night Raiders and Hundreds of Happy Children | Activated Ministries

Don't miss the latest updates from Robin and the Gulu team. All of your prayers, donations and support are paying off in the lives of these little ones. Thanks for all you do in helping us make her work possible. Now, sit back and enjoy reading about another month full of adventure! Click here for the full update!


  Read more about Deadly Snakes, Night Raiders and Hundreds of Happy Children | Activated Ministries

May Update from Robin and the Gulu School for Orphans

There's never a dull moment when you're running a school and home for over 200 orphans and needy children. The complete updates, detailing all the excitement, challenges and progress being made at the FCU School, can be found by clicking here, but here is a quick snap shot and update from Robin.  Read more about May Update from Robin and the Gulu School for Orphans