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Stay Calm, and Hurry UP already!

by Thomas Hack, Executive Director of AM.

Activated Ministries: About Us = Impatient people. We can’t stand waiting around for things to get done just right. Collectively we’ve spent umpteen years (some of us more than 30) living and volunteering in umpteen countries (that is, well over 35) where the standards of living, health care, sanitation, education or social services are so sad. Experiencing that changes your life. That’s why we now spend our time and efforts supporting both humanitarian and spiritually oriented projects in the United States and around the globe.

Why both humanitarian and spiritual? Because people need help in both. Ignoring someone in need because you have a “religious” cause, is like the priest passing by the man beaten by robbers on the way to Jericho. Likewise, turning up your nose at helping someone spiritually, or emotionally, because you are bent on saving the world’s food or water shortage is short-sighted and doesn’t treat the root of those causes: Man’s inhumanity to man, greed, selfishness, revenge --you name the spiritual disease and it will be manifesting itself in physical ways. Those kinds of diseases are only healed by the Doctor -- the Prince of Peace and Healer of Hearts, Jesus Christ.

Why educational? Because educating our youth is key to fixing things that are broken. The return on investment of educational scholarships is almost impossible to measure. Activated Ministries’ In Recognition of Service Scholarships are awarded twice a year to children of those who have invested their time helping others. Missionaries who rolled up their sleeves, impatient people as well, and helped others. They had children and families along the way, and those children also often helped. But in many cases, when it comes time for those kids to get post-secondary education, the money isn’t there. Because money was never the priority. Helping was the priority.

So, impatient as we are, we roll up our sleeves, and help those kids. They deserve it.

I hope you are encouraged as you browse around our site and read the stories of those whose lives have been touched by Activated Ministries. If you can help with a donation, we’ve tried to sprinkle enough donate buttons around so that it’s easy to send us some love. If you can’t find one, come back and click here, and we’ll do all we can, as quick as we can, to send that love on to others. On behalf of those who ultimately benefit: Thank You. We know there are lots of worthy causes you can give to and a lot of different efforts you can support. We need your help, and your donations will make a difference. We truly appreciate the help you send us.

Because we’re impatient to get more done!

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Activated Ministries is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit established in 1999. Our focus is supporting humanitarian and mission-based programs, producing and distributing educational and inspirational materials, and providing post-secondary education scholarships for the children of those who have engaged in charitable service.

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