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humanitarian aid


The Tohoku Relief Mission

Meg Kitano

On March 11th, 2011, what eventually became known as the Great East Japan Earthquake struck off the coast of Miyagi prefecture, spawning a massive tsunami that wiped out a 600 kilometer stretch of the Sanriku coastline, and triggering a nuclear meltdown at the Daiichi Fukushima nuclear power plant. In response to this unprecedented tragedy, TFI members, friends, and other concerned individuals from across the country began working together to provide support for the victims in any way possible. Read more about The Tohoku Relief Mission

Relief in the aftermath of the Peru earthquakes

Edgard Astete

On August 15th of 2007, two violent earthquakes shook the country of Peru, killing over 600 people and destroying 40,000 houses. The earthquakes, which lasted over two minutes, were 7.5 and 7.9 degrees on the Richter scale. Read more about Relief in the aftermath of the Peru earthquakes

The Sahara Refugee Project

Descendants of the Recabites, the Saharauis are a Bedouin tribe – some of whom had settled in the Western Sahara, near the ocean. The area became a Spanish colony in the late nineteenth century for over 100 years until 1976. The Moroccan government displaced the Saharauis by bringing Moroccan citizens into western Sahara, displacing them from their homes and lands into the desert. A subsequent war forced a greater part of the Saharaui population into the desert where they live in refugee camps supported by the UN since it is an area of scarce water or food. Read more about The Sahara Refugee Project

Aid and comfort a village destroyed by flood in Pakistan

Simon Bennet

Touchstone Projects, UK, combined efforts withActivated Ministries and Missionary Services of Pakistan to bring physical and spiritual relief to a village in the Pakistan flood area.

Touchstone Projects provided physical relief in the form of duvets and foodstuffs while Activated Ministries sponsored the printing and distribution of 2,000 tracts and 1,000 Urdu “Obstacles Are for Overcoming”, a Christian inspirational book. Missionary Services of Pakistan provided all the necessary logistics on the ground. Read more about Aid and comfort a village destroyed by flood in Pakistan