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Computers for A School in Ghana

With the school year done or nearly done for most students, we thought we'd shine the spotlight on a very special teacher in a village school in Bosovilla, Ghana - Africa. Christie, was a college student who attended Extra Mile's Bible study program in Acra who, upon graduating college, got posted to a village in a remote area of Ghana. The school she was assigned to serves over 600 students that come from 4 villages, but teachers are scarce and supplies are even scarcer. For instance, Christie and one other teacher, teach over 200 preschoolers and kindergartners. And WE think we have crowded classrooms???

As you will read in the latest update from Extra Mile, shortly after arriving at her post, Christie quickly realized that the lack of school computers was putting the 120 older students at an extreme disadvantage. So she got out the word to Extra Mile who put in a grant request with Activated Ministries for computers which could be used in the classroom. You can read the full story and see the beautiful pictures of Christie and the grateful children of Bosovilla by clicking here. God bless Christie. the volunteers at Extra Mile and all of our wonderful donors who make it possible for Activated Ministries to fulfil special requests like this one. It sure makes you count your blessings as you enjoy your summer vacation.