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May Update from Robin and the Gulu School for Orphans

There's never a dull moment when you're running a school and home for over 200 orphans and needy children. The complete updates, detailing all the excitement, challenges and progress being made at the FCU School, can be found by clicking here, but here is a quick snap shot and update from Robin. 

"We really can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful, kind and many times quite sacrificial gifts. Each one is so very appreciated! Since we have 209 dear kiddos at our school, all day students are fed lunch and porridge too, so we’re serving 15,920 meals a month! That’s pretty amazing and surely a Miracle in the Bush as we mentioned last time! The children are so very happy and with our farm now producing green peppers, ochre, onions, cassava and all, it’s meaning their meals are delicious—especially Sundays when we have chappati and 2 goats for their Sunday main meal.  Remember, most of these kids with hardly one single exception, was eating only one meal a day—usually something heavy late after 8pm. I was at a neighbouring Government school last week, talking with pupils there, and hardly any of them ever have any breakfast or anything before going to school, no lunch is served of course, then they need to work when they go back home, so they don’t even get their one meal a day till very late. That’s the pattern in our area so it’s small wonder we don’t have many behavior problems with our kiddos—they are just soo thankful! You also helped us get beautiful uniforms for those whose guardians couldn’t afford them, shoes, school supplies. We have a steady supply of medical items, malaria medicine, sanitary care for our girls is taken care of – all because you care! 

Thank you!! It’s totally a team effort and all your prayers and love-in-action gifts are helping life become thrilling, inspiring and beautiful for these dear kiddos! When we found them, it was almost as if they were dull and sort of only half aware. But now in the words of Mark Batterson we want to, with your help, lead them to become people who “live deeply and live fully. Young people who have the uncanny ability to see more, experience more and enjoy more!” And look at these faces—it’s happening! Thank You!! - Robin"