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Activated Baja Collaborates with UABC Students of Ensenada

A group of 40 UABC students landed at the orphanage Reino de los Niños excited and happy; their big day had finally arrived. Their four hour plan included presents, piñatas, pizzas, games and more! Activated Baja volunteered to contribute to the students scheduled event by bringing their "Puppets with Values" show, along with some games, and arts and crafts.

After the initial presentation at the orphanage chapel, we split up into two teams. I went outside with most of the students to help organize sports and play games with the children. It was non-stop fun for the next hour with tug-a-war, soccer and other games. The students and the kids had a blast!

Isaac Lopez and Nicolas Ieno worked with the volunteers who had stayed back to participate in the puppet show. Each student was given a puppet character to play and they quickly learnt their lines and were ready to perform.

After the sports, games and piñatas, the children and other students came back and sat down ready for the puppet show. “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” was a smash hit, and clearly portrayed the importance of honesty. Having the extra hands and voices to compliment the show added a great deal of life and enjoyment. The students had so much fun helping with the puppets, saying their lines and keeping the audience’s attention.

After the show, we organized arts and crafts projects with the kids and the students. We were able to give good attention to each of the children in helping them to create what they wanted. The kids got really into their projects and had a great time.

These activities were followed by a special meal of pizza, spaghetti and cake. It was easy to see that the UABC students had enjoyed themselves as much as the kids during their time spent at the orphanage.

All of us at Activated Baja were happy to add our skills to this event and impart to the students and orphans alike a memorable lesson that will live on in their hearts and lives. We look forward to future collaborations with more UABC students.

We are grateful to Activated Ministries for sponsoring our participation in both of these events, and making it possible for "Puppets with Values" to contribute as a force for good within the community of Ensenada.