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Hair Styling for Mother’s Day at Casa De Esperanza

Joy Peck

On Mother’s Day, Activated Baja chose to do something special for the seven mothers residing at Casa De Esperanza (House of Hope). This is a home for women who have suffered from domestic violence. Most of them are mothers with children. We coordinated with a local hairdresser, who agreed to lower her regular fee on our behalf.

The mothers were delighted as they gathered together in the dining room where the hair styling was to take place. There were shy smiles and happy faces as they went one-by-one to get their hair done. During this time Isaac and I sat and talked with the waiting mothers about their lives and children. This is our fourth visit to the Casa de Esperanza, we are getting to know the mothers better, and they are starting to feel more like our friends.

When the haircuts were finished, the seven mothers were very happy to be looking so pretty and stylish. We gave each of them an inspirational book and music CD which they received joyfully. The whole event was a real treat for them as getting their hair done by a professional hair dresser is not a regular occurrence. When they walked us to our vehicle they thanked us over and over and we knew we had made their Mother’s Day memorable. We were happy to be able to add inspiration to their lives and help them feel loved and appreciated.