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Audio-visual educational seminar in central Thailand

Louis Lindo

“Teaching others to teach others” is a time-honored saying that has become our motto in reaching out to the primary school children of central Thailand.

Through a friend of ours who is an official of the Education Department of one of the bigger provinces here, we were given the opportunity to present a three hour seminar to a knowledge management group of teachers and representatives from 16 primary schools in this area. Each school varies in size from about 150 – 600 students, so through these teachers and representatives we were able to reach out to about 2,500 – 10,000 students.

One of the teachers on our team has made curriculums for the Thai school system, so she was able to direct the attending teachers to the relevant, corresponding resource materials such as songs, skits, dramas, artwork, etc., in our sets of 17 bilingual (Thai/English) Treasure Attic VCD’s through a curriculum that we prepared beforehand and distributed to each teacher and representative at the seminar.

Our distributed curriculum included a detailed outline of every lesson in each of the 17 bilingual Treasure Attic VCDs, such as math, culture, health, English, art, friendship, safety, good morals, etc. We also included a songbook with most of the songs in the VCD’s, a brochure describing our projects in Thailand, a “Motivated” magazine for teens, a poem on teaching children, and much more.

Just days before our seminar, we had 16 sets of bilingual educational VCD’s already sponsored as well as 6 sets of 16 Aurora educational book titles (some in Thai and some in English). We just needed another 10 sets of Aurora books to donate to the other schools attending so that all the representative schools would receive the same resource materials. We want to express our deep thankfulness to Activated Ministries for donating these needed 10 sets of books, which we were able to give to the schools for their libraries and reference use.

We also did a show-and-tell presentation of each of the 16 Aurora book titles that were donated to the schools. The teachers were very impressed at the excellent and beautiful material they were receiving.

This distribution of free educational books and audio-visual material to poorer, up-country (meaning out of Bangkok) schools is an ongoing project. Our center is targeting seven provinces. There are 76 provinces in Thailand and the province in which we just held our seminar has about 250 primary schools. There are a lot of schools involved and many, many students who could benefit from this project.

It’s a challenge to find enough sponsors get this excellent material to all the primary schools, which is why we’re so grateful to Activated Ministries for their timely involvement in sponsoring these needed sets of Aurora books, which were a big boost towards helping us make this goal and vision a reality.