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Books distributed to one-third of Thailand’s Provincial Education Department supervisors

Louis Lindo

What was originally planned to be our normal children’s Christmas performance for some of the local rural schools turned out to an official presentation of 640 sponsored books (in Thai and English) to the governor of a major province in central Thailand.

At the opening ceremony, the governor personally received this material on behalf of 51 provincial education department supervisors and directors who were visiting and participating in this exhibition from 26 provinces. All attended this three day function where each provincial education department displayed what was happening in their particular province through arts, crafts and performances. As the honored host of this exhibition, the governor thanked us for contributing this material to these officials for their provinces. This material was presented as a sample of our quality educational material which we hope to find sponsors for in the future in order to provide as many schools as possible with these resources.

This free material, provided by Activated Ministries, served to promote our goal of providing as many Thai public schools as possible with children’s material to have available in their libraries and English Departments. Through a comprehensive sponsorship program that is now in effect, we will attempt to provide copies of this material for each of the elementary schools in these provinces. This would amount to, in our estimation, about 4,000 schools – a very big project!

At the exhibition we were provided with names and contact numbers of each of these provincial representatives, so that when we have material sponsored for their areas, they will be able to direct us to the most needy schools first.

Our children did a great job performing three songs in Thai, and were later each presented with an official certificate from the provincial education department for their contribution to the fair.

We want to again thank Activated Ministries for their sponsorship of 624 Aurora-produced books, which were divided into 51 sets of about 12 books each, and included such titles as Grandpa Jake’s Ocean Treasures in Thai and English, Dino Tales in Thai and English, Crew and Co. and Insects Galore. Then there were all 6 activity books for these Grandpa Jake storybooks in the appropriate language, as well as the Start Early values set of poster flashcards and coloring book. Last but not least were the three readers: Different Kinds of Friends, Welcome Back Webber, and Kizzy, Bugle, and the Honey.

As there are 76 provinces in Thailand, the 26 provinces that received this material represent a third of the country. This represents tremendous progress and an avenue to pour as much of our excellent educational and inspirational material into the elementary schools as possible. Please pray for us in our endeavors to do this and help, if you can, by donating to further this tremendously needy ministry to the children of Thailand.