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Educators Seminar 2008

With great flexibility to allow the student to progress at their own unique pace, personalized training, and the advantages of shielding the child from the widespread hazards in many public schools today - the popularity of home education has grown tremendously in recent years in the United States and other countries. Although it has many advantages, home schooling is a monumental undertaking and brings a unique set of challenges to any parent or educator.

This is particularly true in the case of missionaries in The Family International, who have dedicated their lives to spreading God\'s Word across the world and bringing people to know and receive Jesus as their personal Savior. In addition to running autonomous mission centers with fulltime ministries ranging from humanitarian aid to spiritual counseling, many members of the Family International have chosen to provide their children with home education in order to ensure that they are given a one-on-one, godly and diverse schooling experience.

In the interest of assisting those who have chosen to undertake this challenge, the North and Central American Education Boards of The Family International have come together in partnership with Activated Ministries to host a six-day Educators Seminar in Baja, Mexico during October 2008..Over 180 attendees have come from all over the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Canada to take part in this unique training that includes over 300 pages of class material, video and PowerPoint classes, discussion groups, testimonials, and the opportunity to interact with fellow missionaries with collective expertise in all areas of quality home education.

In order for these 180 missionaries to attend, Activated Ministries is proud to sponsor this event. We know the dividends of this investment will be far-reaching as these missionary educators are re-charged, motivated, and given the up-to-date tools and resources to bring back to their mission centers and students and are better able to provide those in their care with the best quality of education possible.