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Providing God's Word to 80 Prisons in Spain

Jose Balcells

Our small nonprofit association EsFuturo started a jail ministry four years ago, in Christmas 2008, when 1,400 books “Libertad Interior” (Freedom Within) were donated for distribution to all the jails and rehabilitation centers in Spain. Those books contain Words of Jesus full of counsel and strengthening thoughts, which proved to be very effective as soon we begin receiving responses from inmates in diverse centers. They were answering our offer to a free subscription to Conectate monthly magazine (Spanish version of Activated), and since then as many as 75 of them have studied the “12 Foundation Stones” Bible course, and many more are reading Conéctate.

Thanks, Activated Ministries, for your donation of over 575 Bible Study books Discovering Truth series and 320 Libertad Interior. What an invaluable book for all who want to grow in their relationship with the Lord, now available in the libraries of all the prisons. Many inmates have expressed their appreciation, and they all coincide in affirming that the only way they could have experienced such a radical change in their lives is through the reading and studying the books they had received.

Francisco Javier S. has written: I was taken to the head of the social workers because she wanted to hear from me personally about the spectacular change I had experienced. I used to be the worst of all, violent, bad tempered and bitter, causing an endless amount of conflicts between the inmates, but now I’ve been appointed conflict solver. That is a 180º change, from troublemaker to pacemaker. They all have seen the radical change in me, and many inmates come to me to learn about my faith, which is an opportunity to share the books and publications you’ve been sending me.

Luis D., another inmate in a different location wrote to thank us. He stated that the faithful study of the Word is the only thing that has worked for him. Priests, psychiatrist, doctors, teachers, social workers they all had tried, but only the Word has done the miraculous spiritual healing in him.