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And We're Off With a Bang!

The new school year is off to a lively start. The kids are happy to be back from the holidays and are getting back into the swing of school life. The first of what we hope will be four children’s housing units are almost finished, with the cement curing and being finalized before the painting can begin. A second unit is also well on its way so everyone is looking forward to being able to decongest and move into new quarters soon.

The 12 Ik students (pictured in their new uniforms above) who recently joined the FCU school are settling in nicely and are so much fun! We just can't help but marvel how they are almost culturally superior in their interpersonal relationships than most people we know! Coming from a tribe that was seriously maligned by the book "The Mountain People" contrary to what the book calls them--the people without love--they are in fact the most caring and well-behaved kids we've ever had! Take that Collin Turnbull!

I recently got a note from JohnMark the elder who helped bring the Ik children to our school.  He writes from the top of the mountain: "Last time before I left the school, I took some photographs when children were wearing their free wear. i tell you it is so colorful on my laptop and parents keep on coming to look on them on my laptop, So interesting. Every time they come to ask me to open and let them to see the pictures which I set as desktop. Haa!!" In any case, they’re adjusting very well and are a real joy to have around.