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Finally.... A "Home" For the Orphans

It’s been a big jump from last year economically, where we were simply day-schooling the orphans while we refurbished the school building, and the children would return to their guardians every evening. This year, the Lord has done, hmm, I was going to say unbelievable miracles. That’s probably an oxymoron but they have been so outstanding, we honestly stand in awe at all He’s done. We now supply full housing for 88 dear children, the staff, and 3 meals a day for all. For most dear kids it’s the first time in their lives they’ve been able to eat on such a regular basis. The Lord has been showing us many ways to get food locally which is not only more healthy (like grinding the maize directly instead of buying white processed maize-flour) but is also a lot less expensive, by buying directly from farmers and in the season it’s in abundance and cheap, then storing it carefully.

Learning To Serve

In fact, taking part in all the varied activities, like helping the cooks stir the very heavy beans and posho in the pots, helping unload the desk wood, cutting the grass and all become fun when done with friends! We decided to make that our school motto: Learning to Serve!

One of the highlights of the week is the Friday afternoon debate. Students from the older classes gather their points in opposing sides of the given topic and they need to present their points of view in English. No easy task, since English is so difficult for them, but they are excelling and the topics have been stimulating, fun and interesting.

Bible Movies

In the evenings, along with academic videos on The Digestive System etc., I show a Bible movie to a different class. You should have seen their faces when the water parted in the Moses video! Most have had such minimal backgrounds in terms of spiritual input and training, a huge amount is all new to them, so it’s thrilling to be a part of presenting the wonderful truths of how the Lord is so close, is so able and cares so very deeply for each one of them!