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Finishing Touches on the New Dorms


Here are some pictures of the progress on our latest home for children. As you can see, in some of the pictures, the dorms are nearly finished—and just need the facing board on the roof and some final-touch finishes. Funds from our sponsors help us with everything from the basic building and construction to the finishing touches of painting and building new toilets.  

Here are some pictures of the kiddos in front of their newly built and painted home. We are still working on beautifying the place. Next step… we hope to landscape with nice lawns, fruit trees, palms and bushes all around. It's all step by step. You can see how much they love this place!

In another picture, you can see the nside one of the latest homes for children was just painted. This is just before they moved their beds back in.

Of course, having only lived in round mud huts so far, part of the process is teaching our children how to care for the new housing and freshly painting cement walls.

The kids are thrilled with their new home together. We've just now finished 2 and need two more.