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Four New Dorms and a Kitchen, Coming Right Up! | Activated Ministries

We have been so busy during the school holidays building before the children return. Our current project is to build 4 new dorm rooms. In the first picture above, you can see the completed foundations. Our surrounding community have been coming over asking if we would be building again this year. They are thrilled to help with any job, to raise school fees and bring income to their sparse existence.

We have excellent brick-making soil on our land, which is saving us a fortune. In the second picture above, you can see how the locals make bricks. First the soil is mixed to the right consistency. The mixture is then put carefully into forms, ready for the brick kiln.

In the third picture, is the son of one of our dear friends, Santa. We mentioned Santa in a previous update, but she had contracted AIDS from her now deceased husband a number of years ago. We took her and her 4 children into our school and were able to hire Santa as a teacher since she spoke good English and was quite educated. However, she secumbed to her illness last year and leaving behind 4 orphaned children. We have been caring for her son and his siblings ever since. When he’s not studying, he’s one of our best workers. Thanks to funding from Activated Ministries and our other sponsors, we’ve been able to continue paying his rather expensive school fees because he’s an excellent student at one of the better secondary schools.

In Picture No. 4, Richard, another former graduate from our school, works with us every term holiday and likewise, we pay his school fees. He too is doing particularly well and is striving to become a teacher so he came come back and teach at our school. He wants to give back to other orphans like himself. Here he’s counting bricks made by the young workers to be sure to pay them exactly according to their work. Palm leaves are placed on the drying bricks to slow down the drying process before bricks are put in the kiln since it’s exceptionally hot these days.

Picture No. 5: Although we do have a number of volunteers, the Construction crew are not volunteers. They are a professional who have worked together for years that we hire.

In the last picture above, you see the first of four new dorms that are really coming along! Tomorrow the roof, then soon the plastering of all the walls as soon as the ceiling is put in. Columns while the windows and doors are being made. It's so exciting watching it all happen before our eyes!

We are so excited about this amazing and very needed step of progress. It’s all thanks to you, our dear friends and donors who care!