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Glimpses of Life at the FCU Boarding School | Activated Ministries

Life at Our Boarding School

We have some new students at our school. Some are newly arrived from the surrounding very impoverished area so will take a bit of time to get uniforms, but in the meantime, we’re working on form and organization, teaching the students to line up. We’ll tighten up our lines but … it’s a start in our wonderful new local! We’ll get a flag and pole as soon as we’ve saved up.

Now that we have so many students living at the school we’re working with them to learn to be responsible for various jobs around the school. Of course, having friends around at all times makes even the mundane jobs like doing laundry, dishes, cleaning up, hauling trees and clearing the school grounds fun when they’re done together.

Part of our daily routine with the students includes time for play, work and showers. The morning is generally spent in solid studying, but after chores are done, the afternoon is time for play and exercise before dinner. Football, frisbee and skipping are the latest favorites.

New Lighting!

We are continuing to upgrade the infrastructure of our school. Our latest upgrades include the addition of a new generator and lightning protectors. We have now graduated to having neon lights in 3 of our classrooms every night!  We had hoped to install solar, but it’s extremely expensive. Perhaps at a later date we’ll be able to do that.

Not to be deterred,  a few of our dedicated teachers moved their classes out under the trees during the 2 days the technicians were working in the classroom to upgrade the lighting. The change of scenery was fun for both teachers and students!  Even exam corrections were interesting and breezy. 

Feeding the Masses

Our farm is thriving and growing well.  Our potato patch, in particular, is doing very well and portends to become a wonderful variety in the children and staff’s diet.

New Staff

We have a new teacher living at the school! Meet Santa, a dear friend and neighbor who we have known well for a long time. Her husband was a soldier and passed away of AIDS. Santa had been extremely weak, only crawling, but in the few weeks she’s been with us, the company, good food and family atmosphere have been contributing to her becoming much stronger. She’s well educated and is able to help the children with reading English, which is a genuine need. Another classic case of Positive Living!

We hope you enjoy our pictures showing all the fun we're having!