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Many Hands Make Light Work!

We have hit the 200 mark! We now house, educate and feed over 200 Acholi children at our Family Care Uganda School. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we have to do all the work ourselves. Our FCU students love being a part of the work and action, whether it’s fetching water from the nearby well, or spending half an hour in between classes moving bricks. These creative kids love finding fun in whatever they do. In this case, a fun game of Toss the Brick helps get all the bricks for our third brick kiln moved before the rain starts in a few days. Pictures #1 and 2  With 200 kids pitching in, consider those bricks moved! And did I mention how coordinated these kids are? Not a single brick (that I know of) got dropped! 

Speaking of brick making, the folks around here know how it's done! In Picture #3, the bricks are being moved from where they were drying in the sun, towards the new large kiln in the foreground. The brick kilns are then fired by being stoked every 2 hours all night, then closed up and the bricks are left to bake for almost a week. Bricks come out very professional and hard and this method is employed all across our country.

Now that we’re at the end of dry season, the well we were using has dried up. An NGO we work with has plans to help us put in a borehole well shortly, but in the meantime, drinking water has to be fetched from the local wells. Both the boys and girls jump at the chance to come to the nearest well and pump it together for their school! (Picture #4)

While the 200 children are busy studying, our construction team stays busy building 4 new rooms and our wonderful cooks, feed not only all of the children and staff, but take on feeding the crews as well. In Picture #5, dear Lily, who just had a baby, bringing a hefty lunch for our hard-working construction team.