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Project Gulu - Progress on the Farm

Apart from plowing 10 acres this month, our seedlings in our plant nursery have been flourishing and we just began replanting this weekend! The kids have started taking turns helping on the farm one class each day. Most Acholi children do farming before school. It’s a very common sight to see children walking along the road, dirty uniform, hoe over their shoulders on the way to school at about 8 or 9 when they’d left home for their plot of land usually around dawn. Our orphans in most cases have experience in farming in such ways, so their couple hours a week after school by rotating classes has actually become a fun, uniting activity. And the best thing about their efforts is … they are either going to personally all benefit from these veggies becoming a part of their diets, or they’ll bring in income when we market them to supplement their diets in other ways!