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Rescuing Child Workers

In a previous update, I mentioned that Mike and I had seen a couple kiddos helping carry water with the ladies we employ. We interviewed them, while they were covered in mud learning they are orphans, that their names are Fiona and Scovia, and we readily accepted them into our school. Well, they’ve now joined, we’ll get their uniforms shortly and these photos are just a couple days after they came to be with us. Thanks for praying with us that they’ll become happy, adjusted young ladies, integrated with the others and learning to enjoy playing. These dear kids who were basically being treated as slaves deserve every bit of love and caring (and educational input) we can give them, so thank YOU for being a part of this amazing opportunity that has just come into their lives! Without coming to join us, they would be naturally doomed to become pregnant at 12 or 13 and be forced to live in endemic poverty the rest of their lives! But the future is as bright as the promises of God!