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Sunny Days at the Gulu Orphan School

A few late March tid-bits from our favorite orphan school in Gulu.

I got the opportunity to pop in on some of our orphans who have graduated and are currently studying at one of the top Secondary School. All four of our star students are orphans or had been abandoned as children and overcame great difficulties and lack of education to get to where they are now. Ochen, Opoko, Bill and Ceasar are such earnest students, who always do their best to be at the top of their classes. It's wonderful to see them doing so great and makes me proud!

Back at the FCU school, my main concern at the moment is making sure the kiddos stay warm in the changing weather. We have another 2-3 weeks of extreme heat, but after that come very heavy rains and the rainy season will be upon us. We have made some sweaters, but with our growing numbers, we need to make a lot more to make it through the very chilly early mornings and evenings which are right around the corner.

In the meantime, we’re all enjoying the last of the hot summer weather and cooling off in any way possible. One of the perks of living in Uganda is that all through the year we have natural goodies available. Sugar cane at times, mangoes at other times. Right now it's the palm-fruit which our kids absolutely love! There are plenty available for all. Here are a few happy shots of some of the kiddos in the neighbourhood, as well as our students thoroughly enjoying nature’s delights!