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Kathmandu, Nepal

James and Esta and five of their nine children are a missionary family that has been active in Nepal since 1995. Their primary mandate is to assist in meeting the educational and health needs of the disabled and disadvantaged of Nepal.

One of their main ministries is with the Nepal Disabled Association, where they regularly volunteer their time teaching over 100 physically disabled children who come from low income families. In addition to these free academic classes, they repair and maintain classrooms, organize various sports events, musical programs and special outings. After discovering the plight of a remote and very poor village district in the Mount Everest region, they worked to provide a Village Community Health Center, and a regular supply of medicines to over 10,000 villagers. One of their key objectives is to lower the death rate from infectious diseases, and the infant mortality rate which is over double the Nepal average and twenty times higher than the United States.

They also minister at Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Hamro Ghar Boarding School, Mother Teresa's Sisters of Charity, Youth Vision Drug Rehabilitation Center, Manakamana Primary School, and Pokhara Centers.

Activated Ministries donated boxes of clothing and shoes to Volunteer Services of Nepal, who then distributed them to the villages and low income families they minister to in Nepal.

In August, 2003, our staff was able to accommodate their stay and help them obtain much needed supplies for use in their missionary work in Nepal Activated Ministries staff was also able to assist Esta in obtaining medical consultations by local medical specialists who were willing to donate their services in treating her for a recurring brain tumor that is threatening her vision. Please teamwork with us in prayer for her.