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A special day for the orphans of YiLan, Taiwan

Angelina Alvaro

On a beautiful Sunday morning in August, our volunteer team of six adults and four children set off to the rolling countryside of YiLan in central Taiwan, about a two hour drive from the country’s capital, Taipei. Our destination was a quaint orphanage by the name, “Xin Pu Ai Yuan”.

We arrived at around 10 a.m. in the morning and set up for our program. The show started out with some exciting games and songs. Then Tyler, Robin, Abigail, and Erin (our children’s singing troupe) lined up on the stage to sing and dance to a couple of songs they’d put together. The children at the orphanage loved it, especially when our kids introduced themselves in Chinese.

After the performance, we got all the kids in a circle for some action songs that kept them on their toes as to what the next move was! Now that the “ice” was broken we split everyone into two teams for games which had the children roaring with laughter by the end. When the games were done, several of the children commented that they were going to practice playing these games so that the next time we came, they would be the best we’d ever seen!

In closing the program we each child a package of donated goods consisting of bi-lingual music CD’s sponsored by Activated Ministries, pencils and erasers, as well as an assortment of snacks from our local sponsors. The kids were delighted and so thankful! While the children were eating we took some time to mingle with them, talk and have an impromptu English lesson – they love to practice their English. Finally, the time for good-byes came and we started our trip home after hugging the children and promising to come again.

It was truly a wonderful day with so many new friends made and a touch of God’s great love passed on to His little children. God Bless you for helping us to make it a very special day for these orphans!