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Christian Leadership Training in Pamplona, Peru

Rosa Maria Sanfilipo

Our spiritual ministry is conducted in Pamplona, one of the poorest areas in Lima, Peru. People here live off the very barest of necessities but at the same time are very receptive to the Lord and His Word. For 12 years we have been ministering to our dear friends in these very poor neighborhoods. Recently we’ve starting giving Coaching and Personal Growth seminars to those who have the potential to become leaders in their communities. Many have a strong desire to not only improve their neighborhoods, but also minister to their families and friends and share the good news of the gospel with them. This group has grown to 250, with each one focused on the goal of becoming more knowledgeable of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus so that they can teach and train others.

We want to thank our friends at Activated Ministries for donating 250 12 Foundation Stones study books for our Bible studies. These books will take our students through the basics of Christian teachings and equip them to share their beliefs with others. It has been very rewarding to see the reactions of gratitude, joy and enthusiasm on the faces of our students when they received these books; it was like the fresh water for the thirsty soul. Thank you and may God bless you in your ministry.