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1300 Activated Magazines and 450 Christmas CD’s distributed in Mackay Hospitals

Danny McNally

During the first week of December 2010, 18 members of The Family International along with some friends joined together to bring a Christmas show and make room visitations to thousands in two branches of the Mackay Hospitals here in Taipei, Taiwan.

Our program began with some upbeat local numbers as well as lively carols which attracted many to the stage areas. Natalia, our Taiwanese emcee, was able to invite those in the crowd to pray with her to receive Jesus as their Savior. This year we were also able to get the assistance of Marc, Ahbing the Clown, along with his son and helper, Johnny. Ahbing the Clown was quite a hit and many of the children naturally went up to him to receive their free balloons and books.

Two of our new friends and Bible study group members also attended, helping us to distribute Activated Magazines to many passing by. Ping, a mother of two teenage girls and a native of Shanxi, China, was such a shining light passing out hundreds of magazines and spreading smiles of joy! Kiwi, who is a University student and one of our Bible study students, was also able to take part and help out. When she saw members of her team readily pray for the patients’ both physical and spiritual healing as well as receive Jesus into their hearts, she went right home and proceeded to lead her own little sister to the Lord.

In one of the hospitals we had an exceptionally memorable time caroling to the crowds waiting outside of their respective clinics. With one hundred or more patients in attendance, we would sing a few carols and then speak personally to them about the real meaning of Christmas while inviting them to pray with us to receive God’s greatest Christmas gift – His Son! During the shows and room visitations in these two hospitals, over 150 people prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts. Many others prayed for healing of their physical maladies as well.

We wanted to give a special thanks to Activated Ministries for once again sponsoring this Christmas activity by providing 1300 Activated Magazines and 450 Christmas carol and storybook CDs – all of which were distributed! The folks here were so thankful as were our precious friends from the Pastoral Department who are fulltime mission workers and labor daily in these hospitals. Not only was this a wonderful event in sharing Jesus’ love and the joy of Christmas in this largely Buddhist country, but it was a bonding event uniting many of our co-workers from different centers around the city.