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Merryheart Ministries

Several of Merryheart Ministries' volunteers personally delivered sets of sponsored Christian children’s videos to locations in Missouri and Kansas. St. John’s Hospital, as well as a local clinic in Joplin, Missouri, received a complete set of thirteen videos, as did the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Over the past several years, Merryheart Ministries has been involved in spiritual counseling to prison inmates in Missouri. With Activated Ministries sponsorship, they have been able to distribute 2,000 Activated magazines every month to 9 different prisons so far, reaching thousands of inmates throughout the state. The magazines are well received by the inmates who now look forward to receiving their monthly issue of Activated.

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Merryheart Ministries prison ministry

Angelina Kelly

Over the past several years, Merryheart Ministries has been involved in many projects to give financial, spiritual, and physical aid to the Native American community, not only in Missouri, but also in South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Read more about Merryheart Ministries prison ministry

Sharing God's word with inmates

Angelina Kelly

We started in December, 2006 with one prison in one state. We are now reaching inmates in 41 different prisons in 35 states with the Activated magazines. Every month, our volunteers mail the sponsored Activated magazines to several different types of correctional facilities, including men’s maximum security prisons, women’s prisons, correctional institutions for the youth, boot camp programs, and prison rehab programs. Read more about Sharing God's word with inmates