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Mission to the Sahara Refugees

The Sahara Project center in Spain has organized volunteer teams to travel to western Sahara and help the forgotten refugees. Activated Ministries partnered with this project by sponsoring all of the spiritually feeding and educational materials which were distributed during this visit.

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Recent Events

The Sahara Refugee Project

Descendants of the Recabites, the Saharauis are a Bedouin tribe – some of whom had settled in the Western Sahara, near the ocean. The area became a Spanish colony in the late nineteenth century for over 100 years until 1976. The Moroccan government displaced the Saharauis by bringing Moroccan citizens into western Sahara, displacing them from their homes and lands into the desert. A subsequent war forced a greater part of the Saharaui population into the desert where they live in refugee camps supported by the UN since it is an area of scarce water or food. Read more about The Sahara Refugee Project

Aid to Saharaui Refugee Camps- Part 2

One thing that brings meaning to my life and makes me fight to make it happen is our yearly visit to the refugee camps in the Sahara desert. Its hard to imagine in a developed world with the latest technologies at our fingertips what life is like in the camps. Our first night upon arrival is such an emotional time, as we  meet our friends, exchange hugs and kisses, sleep under the stars, and feel the cold breeze of the desert night... And this is just the beginning. Read more about Aid to Saharaui Refugee Camps- Part 2