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Get Activated Booklets in Mozambique

Angela Boetius

“Don’t you have any more of those wonderful little books?” We had been asked this question repeatedly by our friends, who immensely enjoyed the Get Activated booklets. A fellow missionary had brought these booklets for us when he came from Brazil. A suitcase can only hold so much, and it wasn’t long until our limited amount of books had disappeared. It has been quite challenging for us over the last nine years that we have ministered here to obtain Portuguese materials, which is the language spoken and read by the majority of the population.

We had written to Activated Ministries previously when we needed more Activated magazines in Portuguese and they had kindly sent us large packages of these magazines for distribution. We regularly visit the patients in the Central Hospital in the cancer and orthopedic wards and they are always so thankful to have literature to read during the long days that they must pass in bed as their bodies are healing.

Although Activated Ministries had agreed to sponsor the Get Activated books for distribution, we were unsure of how to get these booklets here to Mozambique in an affordable fashion (postage for books coming overseas had proven to be very expensive). Once again wrote to our friends at Activated Ministries to see if they had any ideas and we were delighted when they responded by offering to sponsor the shipping as well.

After the slow process of choosing the titles to order and arranging the details of the printing, the books were printed and shipped to Portugal where one of our volunteer friends worked on securing a container and ship to transport them to our corner of Africa.

Besides the “Get Activated” books in four titles, we also received two new colorful posters and a special Activated magazine that we have been distributing not only in the hospital, but everywhere we go. I sing with an African choral group that loves reading the books and magazines. A community of Franciscan sisters took 200 of the small books for the people that they work with in a small rural village 30 kilometers from the capital. People are instantly drawn to the bright covers of the Get Activated books and the interesting titles. We are so thankful to be able to satisfy the spiritually hungry Africans around by us fulfilling Jesus’ mandate to “feed my sheep” (John 21:17). A heart-felt thank you to Activated Ministries for helping us to meet the need with these wonderful Portuguese materials!