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Mabhida - Daycamp for Orphans | Sponsored by Activated Ministries

Our “Big Day at Mabhida” in July was fun for all. 130 children got to go to the awesome Moses Mabhida stadium for a fun filled day. The kids enjoyed a sky ride on the arch, a tour of the stadium as well as a special treat were they also got to see the famous Manchester city play as guests of the club.

We were also able to give gifts as well as entertainment to about 300 children on “Mandela day” & a special event on “women’s Day “ with food & entertainment for all the wonderful ladies in the community of Southmead in Pinetown. Our weekly food distribution continued as well as continuing on with our soccer clinics. Any help to fund this project is greatly appreciated. Our work is totally voluntary, we are supported by people who care, businesses & individuals who want to work with us to make our part of the world a better place – so your contribution really does matter!