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Visiting the Sick

Maureen McNally

On December 12th, we visited our three community Hospitals, two of which we have been visiting and singing at since Christmas 2003. This Christmas the children and staff at Shriners Burns Hospital and UTMB Hospital (both in Galveston, Texas) as well as those at Mainland Medical Hospital in Texas City were happily surprised not only by our cheerful voices caroling of Jesus’ birth and “His power and glory that evermore shall reign” but also by the special gifts we were able to bring them.

My daughter and I were joined by friends and fellow missionaries from different cities to perform for the children. It is always so touching to comfort the sick and injured, as we pray through our songs for the healing of their broken hearts as well as their bodies. It is a privilege to be able to share the Lord’s love and His spirit through our smiles and music.

This is a comment from the Child Life Department of Shriners Hospital about the performance:

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for performing for our patients and families this past holiday season. Taking time out of your schedules during such a busy time of year in order to provide such beautiful and joy-filled music to our families was truly a wonderful gift. I believe the meaning of the holiday season was reflected upon by all present as you shared your talents. We noticed many smiles on the faces of our children, parents, and staff as they listened to your music. Please know that we are most appreciative and grateful for your time and dedication. It is through the thoughtfulness of people like you that helped make this holiday season less stressful and more cheerful for our children and families who are far from home as they recover from their injuries. Thank you for thinking of our hospital.

This Christmas was especially exciting as we were able to not only sing for the children, but also distribute special gifts donated by Activated Ministries. We distributed 175 Christmas music CD’s in Spanish and English as well as 75 drama CD’s with accompanying booklets to the children and families and staff present. The staff helped us pass out the CD’s in the intensive care units for those children who could not leave their rooms. Keisha, who witnessed and prayed with several people to receive Jesus as their personal Savior, as well as Travis and Michele, distributed most of the CD’s while we sang. Smiles and hugs of encouragement and love were given along with these gifts to the children and families gathered in the lobby of the Childlife Department at Shriners and also to the children in beds in the rooms at UTMB. We sang in the lobby at Mainland Medical and were also invited by special request to sing for the staff and administration having a Christmas party in the cafeteria.

It was rewarding and gratifying for all of us to bring light and joy and comfort and the Spirit of Christmas—His Love--to those we were able to minister to in the hospitals this year.