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Cienega De Flores Event in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Abraham Luna

Our volunteers had been preparing for El Dia Del Niño (Children’s Day) for a number of weeks, since is a very important day in Mexico and we had something very special for the kids of this county. The DIF of the county had helped us in the weeks leading up to Dia Del Nino to advertise, and we went from school to school posting signs for the upcoming event. Our focus was to help the neediest areas of the neighborhood and help to create a fun, memorable experience for these poor families and children.

In Cienega de Flores, the state of Nuevo Leon lent us a salon, “Lienzo Charro”, to host the kids’ party. This county is situated in the northern part of Monterrey, on the highway going to Laredo, Texas. Cienega is called “La cuna del machacado” (the center of the dry meat), since in this city is where dry meat was invented (machaca).

We rehearsed several songs for our show that promote moral values such as, friendship, respect, appreciation, taking care of the environment as well as eating right and living a healthy lifestyle

One contributor in Monterrey donated 100 sacks of clothing for kids and adults, which filled approximately two cars. This was very appreciated by the families who came to our event as many of them have very little resources. Another bakery donated beverages and snacks for us to distribute.

The DIF of Cienega de Flores has a group of enthusiastic teenaged volunteers, who more than gladly helped us when they heard of the event, particularly when we told them that they would dress up in animal outfits to entertain the kids. It was the first time they had participated in an event like this and they put their whole hearts into it. They would go outside and invite families that passed by the event to come in and join us.

After the show we had games and contests, and thanks to the generosity of Activated Ministries we also distributed books, posters and educational material with moral values. It was very rewarding to have the opportunity to give the children something to take home that reminded them of life’s true values in a fun and educational way.