Name: Angela "Anik" Martinez
Fundacion Universidad De Americas
Social Sciences
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Angela "Anik" Martinez

Dear Activated Ministries:

I want to express my gratitude for the help that I received with  the IROS scholarship. It has been such a help and an asset to help me start my professional career in of the best private universities not only of Mexico, but in all Latin America. My desire and vision was to attend this University to be able to receive a high academic education which will be help me to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Since this college is so expensive, I really needed to get a scholarship at the university as well.  It was a real key to receive the IROS scholarship.  Seeing that I was receiving help from Activated Ministries for my studies encouraged the University to authorize a very good percentage of scholarship.

I am studying International Relations. I choose this career because I have the personal conviction that it is my turn in life to continue with the vision that my parents have taught me by their example, and which I experience in my childhood to be a positive influence and a help to society sharing God´s message and being a positive influence and a help to society not only in my country but internationally.

Thank you so much