Name: Maria Faquaharson
Ontario, Canada
Athabasca University
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Maria Faquaharson

Teaching children has always been a great passion of mine. Throughout my 30 years of missionary service, I have always been involved in teaching in some form or another. My children have graduated from high school and my desire now is to teach underprivileged children and young people in third-world countries. My goal specifically is to teach children from primary school until they complete high-school and have a future in their career and academic life.

Even though I have a lot of experience in teaching I do not have the credentials to offer my students official recognition for their studies. I am planning on studying one more year after completing my Bachelors degree to get accreditation to be a High School Teacher. Then I will go back to Latin America to set up an alternative school for children that have to work during the day to support themselves and their families.

The most satisfying accomplishment for me during my years of teaching was when a student discovered his own capacity to learn, and was empowered with the vision that there were no limits for what he could learn if he wanted to, and was given the chance. With this added tool of a teacher's degree I hope to give a chance to children that otherwise could spend their lives in misery and exploitation. I want to thank IROS Scholarship Program for this scholarship because it does make a difference on my studies. Thank you for helping this dream become a reality