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Sponsor a Book, Africa

Sponsor a Book focuses on character development and social work with communities to get character building materials and educational teaching aids into schools and social centers to be used in curriculums on a long term basis. Sponsor a Book volunteers also assist in donating books with spiritual, uplifiting and positive books to all ages mainly in social centers and elderly homes.

Books have been delivered by volunteers to schools and churches in war-torn Sierra Leone and Liberia, and Sponsor a Book volunteers are now expanding into delivering English-Croatian books to communities in Croatia.

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Box of the year

Melissa Roser

How long does a phone call take from Belgium to Beijing? One minute. How long does it take to shoot a rocket around the globe? One hour. How long does it take to mail a letter from Luxembourg to London? One day. How long does it take to drive from Moscow to Madrid? One week? No! Much less than that. What about a box of books for kids in Africa? One year. No less. Hard to believe? Read on. Read more about Box of the year