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Mr. Clown Professor lands in Bangalore, India

More than 8 schools so far have been targeted by “Mr. Clown professor”, who entertains kids in Bangalore, India, and brings in valuable lessons to the classroom. Most of the kids who attend come from slums and families in crisis who have a hard time not only attending, but giving attention to the problems they face.

Thanks to Activated Ministries, the character teaching aid posters, which have been laminated and given as sets to use by teachers in their curriculums, as well as put on the school walls, have been a great facelift to the schools and have brought back joy and pride to the classrooms.

Every poster is a colourful illustration on how to deal with issues such as health and nutrition, working out conflicts and resolving issues, to being helpful oriented and respectful of other classmates.

Almost 2000 such posters have now landed into dozens of classrooms that continue to be used every day in a powerful way –entertaining, educating and enabling kids to learn the best in life – Values which teach good Character.

And it doesn’t stop there! The entertaining continues, as Mr. Clown rotates his time in these schools, so do the donated materials – in the hearts and minds of the kids who laugh and learn with Mr. Clown.