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Giving Christmas to the needy in Peru

Rosa Maria Sanfilippo

Together with our Bible study group members we were able to visit some of the poorest places in Lima, Peru throughout this Christmas season.

Since last October we started collecting toys, clothing for children and adults, shoes, and food. We also got chocolates and the traditional Christmas “panetones”, especially for the poverty stricken areas such as Manchay. Along with these materials we’d collected for distribution we had the added value of 1,500 A Christmas to Remember books and 150 Start Early sets that Activated Ministries sponsored for these projects.

With my two daughters we prepared a small Christmas performance which turned out to be instrumental in leading many to receive Jesus as their savior. Everyone loved the materials we distributed and we were very happy to be able to give them something special during Christmas.

One of our dear friends, a Christian doctor, came to us asking if he could assist us in one of our programs. So on Christmas day he came with a friend to visit the children’s ward of a cancer hospital to help distribute the Christmas books. He expressed his happiness in being able to take something so valuable to the children.

Another one of our Bible study group members took 200 books to give to the children in Peru's poorest province, Huancavelica.

The most exciting part has been the number of people who’ve received salvation. In December a total of 1209 and in January another 500 people had the opportunity to receive the Lord as their personal Savior. It is amazing how the Aurora Production materials are so appreciated and become a treasure so valuable even to people who don’t know the Lord and His Word.

Once again, thank you Activated Ministries for supporting us and giving us the opportunity to continue giving love, inspiration, spiritual values and principles that are so important to the life of every human being.