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A dose of Christmas Spirit to the Lukang Hospital in Taiwan

Jeffrey Groft

This was the first time for most of us to visit a “Hospitel” – a mix of a hospital and a hotel. The Lukang hospital is one of the first of its kind in Taiwan and we were invited to perform our clown show and go room-to-room, sharing God’s love with the patients and distributing the wonderful Christmas gifts sponsored by Activated Ministries!

Hundreds of people were waiting for us and peering over the balcony into the main lobby as our singing team performed various uplifting songs followed by our lively clown show. Afterwards, we were able to take the whole team of over 15 volunteers to visit the different floors to perform for those that couldn’t make it to the large lobby!

Many repeated the salvation prayer with us and received the best Christmas present of all - eternal life and Jesus into their hearts. Hundreds of colorful Christmas posters, color Christmas tracts and Grandpa Jake books and CD’s were distributed to the patients. All these materials were sponsored by Activated Ministries. We’re very thankful to be able to partner with Activated Ministries to bring encouragement to the sick and lonely during the Christmas season.