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Central Taiwan Christmas Cheer Drive

Jeffrey Groft

Our crew of 12 members of The Family International, from Danswei, Taoyuen, and Taichung city, met for a week of giving the gift that is forever, Jesus’ love and the joy of Christmas. Thanks to Activated Ministries, we were able to give away a total of 300 Activated Magazines for adults and children, 100 Christmas CD cards, as well as 200 posters for Children in Mandarin Chinese.

Our first of 3 visits was to Taiwan’s largest and newest hospital in Central Taiwan. Patients from abroad and nationwide come for treatment of their ills in this hospital combined hotel employing some of the world’s newest technology. We did a show in the main lobby with our band and clown show of Abing and Abong to hundreds of people as they came and went. After the performance, we visited rooms in over 5 floors and public areas, as well as the emergency rooms. Over 100 souls were saved and many Aurora products were given to the terminally ill and recovering.

The next stop along the way of our fun and rewarding Christmas Cheer Drive was Yuen Lin #1 Prison. The warden, an acquaintance of over 13 years, had just been transferred to this large prison when he called my wife, Hannah, and I for this chance to share Christmas with himself and the inmates. The inmates eagerly sang with us, participated in the program and readily received Jesus as their Savior! Each one was given an Activated Christmas magazine that they took with them after the performances and personal visit.

Chai Yi Sacred Heart, an institution for children with multiple sclerosis, was the last stop on this particular trip. Attending our performance were the hundred or so children & caretakers, sacrificial Catholic nuns and workers living there whom we have known for over 12 years, plus kindergarteners and their teachers from three nearby schools. Rewards of Christmas CD’s and children’s Activated magazines in Mandarin Chinese were given away to the lucky participants as well as the teachers and classes. We were also able to visit the ICU sections as some couldn’t attend the performance due to their illness. We spent time chatting, laughing and communicating with the children, showing them God’s love.

God was with us in each of the institutions we visited – His presence was with us in those that asked for prayer through their tears on the hospital beds, God was moving in the hearts of the prisoners, and He heard every child’s prayer as they asked Him to come into their hearts and be their friend forever.

Again, many thanks to Activated Ministries for the sponsorship of the Activated magazines, posters and CD’s, these are the truly meaningful gifts that keep on giving!