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Spreading smiles in Taichung, Taiwan

Jeffrey Groft

We want to thank Activated Ministries for their sponsorship of music CD’s, posters and tracts. We were able to bring comfort and joy to many Taiwanese people during three different performances: one in a hospital, one in a children’s handicap centre, and another one in a senior citizens home. The sponsored materials were greatly appreciated everywhere we went.

We were invited to a program to celebrate the anniversary of the Fong Yuen hospital. This hospital offers free treatment to underprivileged people in our area. Andy, Marie and their children added to the entertainment at this event. The children danced and sang some beautiful upbeat songs to the delight of the audience. Songs like “What would Jesus do without Coca Cola?” The people were smiling and clapping along and were very impressed with theirpresentation. While people where enjoying the children’s performance, some of us were able to pass the poster tracts provided by the Activated Ministries to everyone there. Then we had a clown show in which we asked for volunteers and people had a good laugh and we gave every person that came on stage a CD to bring back home with them. The clown show ended with a special magic trick by Peter with a message on how Jesus can solve all your problems. We then proceeded to visit the patient in the rooms where we did some clowning around and prayed for the patients as well as donated many CD’s in Chinese to the patients in needs of comfort and encouragement.

We were invited for Mother’s Day celebration in a Senior Citizen’s Home. The caretaker was very happy with our performances and said: “We have never seen the seniors so happy before, many other groups came here to do programs, but we have never seen the patients so enthusiastic and happy. We were able to donate the sponsored CDs to the Senior Citizens Home and to some of the seniors who had CD players and to some of the nurses taking care of them. We left the place with the seniors smiling and looking forward for another chance to see us again.