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Meeting the needs of Peru's public schools

Edgard Astete

Peru’s public school system faces pressing needs for proper educational resources. In order to meet this need, our volunteers have been promoting the Treasure Attic DVD’s; a series of live-action children’s videos which promote education and Christian values. Time and time again, we have seen the immense positive effects that this series brings about in the lives of children.

For several years we have been working with the national director of one of the educational welfare institutions called “Fe y Alegría”. This organization runs more than 70 schools throughout Peru and accommodates thousands of students. Although these public schools have very scant resources, they are committed to giving their students a quality education. You can imagine how excited the school directors were to hear that Activated Ministries would sponsor a set of 11 Treasure Attic DVDs and one set of Start Early posters and coloring books to each school.

When we delivered the materials to one of the schools, we were pleasantly greeted with a beautiful reception; the children performed poems and songs expressing how they would use the DVD’s and both students and teachers thanked us over and over for these donations. Our volunteers were encouraged to see how readily the children absorb positive moral values by using our materials. Many of the teachers also commented that they are committed to using these materials to the maximum and getting full use out of them to benefit their students.

Father Antonio, one of the directors of “Fe y Alegria”, thanked us for being willing to collaborate with other churches besides our own. We are confident that combining efforts with organizations like “Fe y Alegria” helps both them and us to more effectively fulfill our shared objective of promoting education for the children of this impoverished country. We want to thank Activated Ministries for sharing our vision and making it possible. We could not be doing this work without you. God bless you all.