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10,000 Activated magazines distributed throughout Mexico

During the summer months of 2008, our volunteer team in Saltillo, Mexico traveled with 10 young people some 5,000 kilometers throughout Mexico to preach the Gospel and distribute the wonderful Activated magazine. We started our trip in El Paso, Texas, and traveled south to a town called Merida, which is the capital of the Mayan culture.

Week One

We spent our first week in El Paso getting ready and gathering all the equipment that we needed for the trip. We were helped by a wonderful missionary friend who put us up for 10 days in his campsite where we got the bus worked on mechanically.

Then the good news came that Activated Ministries would sponsor the magazines needed to minister the many souls that we would lead to the Lord all throughout the summer. That was such an answer to prayer, as we wanted to make sure that all those people would get some spiritual input after they received Jesus into their hearts.

Week Two

We spent a week in Chihuahua where we witnessed to hundreds of people in the main city square and downtown areas. The people in Chihuahua received us so warmly. One restaurant owner was so touched by what we do that she decided to sponsor 50 magazine subscriptions for people who could not afford the fee. In Chihuahua, 142 people prayed with us to receive Jesus as their personal savior and 238 pieces of literature were distributed.

Week Three

We spent our next week in Torreon, a semi-desert city, and there again we found so many wonderful people who were very receptive to the Gospel. We were also able to visit with one of our daughters and her husband who just had a baby boy. They too are involved in missionary work and have done a wonderful job in reaching that city. There again, our young people witnessed every day, distributing literature and leading souls to the Lord. 92 souls were led to the Lord in Torreon.

Week Four

Saltillo was our next stop. We spent nearly a week there and visited with some wonderful missionary friends. 157 people prayed with us in Saltillo and two of the young people we met have decided to give their lives to the Lord and come for regular Bible classes at our dear missionary friends’ center.

Weeks Five and Six

We traveled on to Veracruz where we spent two weeks on the beautiful, sunny beaches of this city. We witnessed daily, winning 400 souls to the Lord and we also spent time ministering to the many people we met. Veracruz was a daily adventure as every day we were on the beaches talking to people, and every night we witnessed until the beach quieted down. We now have many new friends from Veracruz on our mail program.

Weeks Seven and Eight

We arrived in Cuidad del Carmen for another wonderful two weeks of witnessing. Upon our arrival we met a family of Christians who said that the Lord told them to take care of us during our stay in their city. Every day they either came to our campsite to visit or invited us to their home to eat. Our young people’s band played quite regularly on the beach. The teens attracted crowds of young and old alike and during our time there we prayed with 860 people to receive Jesus into their hearts.

Week Nine

We somewhat “settled” into Merida since our bus had mechanical problems. This city is the capital of the Mayan culture and quite a historical, picturesque area. Our Activated magazine distribution skyrocketed here as we spent a lot of time in the city and at the nearby beach, distributing the magazine and getting to know people in the process.

We’re so grateful to Activated Ministries for their generous donation of 10,000 Activated magazines for our road trip. The changing power of God’s Words in this magazine will have a lasting effect many, many people as they come to know Jesus better. Thank you for allowing us to freely distribute these life-changing magazines.