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500 children's Activated magazines given to a school and orphanage in Pretoria

Carlos Viana

The Kids Activated Magazine featuring Prayer proved to be an incredible asset to many children in several schools and orphanages that we visit regularly here in Pretoria, South Africa. The text in the magazine is simple and there are plenty of pictures to illustrate the three stories in it, making it easy to read and interesting. It's both feeding and entertaining for the children.

We first took the magazines to a school of about 400 children. We were given an opportunity to talk to the children in the hall where we told them stories of prayer in our personal life as missionaries and encouraged them to pray more fervently for others and for their own needs. (In the end we all prayed the salvation prayer together).

Then we took the magazines to a gathering at the Moepathuse Orphanage whose children we have visited regularly for the last three years. Unfortunately we didn't take pictures of the distribution of the magazines - we see them here when they were receiving the presents.

Thank you, Activated Ministries, for sponsoring this beautiful magazine and for giving us an opportunity to be a blessing.