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2,400 Activated Magazines distributed in Melbourne, Australia

Irene Glase

For the past year, our team in Melbourne has visited in the ports weekly to distribute Christian materials to those who come in on the ships. The seafarers are very appreciative of the spiritual encouragement, which helps them cope with a lonely life at sea for extended months, often with little shore leave. We leave an assortment of Activated magazines on each ship and many crew members and captains have told us that the magazines keep them on their long journeys and encourage their faith. One captain told the shipping company he wanted to stay on the ship he was working on because we regularly visited his ship and our spiritual input meant so much to him.

Many ships use the Activated magazines for Bible studies and those who have come across our magazines on ships they’ve joined ask for new magazines so they can study new topics. In the year of 2007 we prayed with 152 men on the ships to receive Jesus into their hearts as their personal Saviour. Thank you so much, Activated Ministries, for sponsoring the Activated magazines and helping these seafarers find encouragement and spiritual guidance.

Throughout the past year, we have distributed on the ships:

  • 2,400 assorted Activated magazines
  • 470 Christian audio CD’s
  • 50 Christian video DVD’s
  • 121 Bible study email classes