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Malawi Mission, 2012


We would like to THANK Activated Ministries for again generously sponsoring Activated material for the mission work in Malawi

This is the report of our trip to Malawi in July 2012 of the distribution of the 20 sets of Activated Books which were so kindly sponsored by Activated Ministries. Read more about Malawi Mission, 2012

Wordstock IV, May 2007

Activated Ministries was happy to once again help sponsor the Christian camp “Wordstock”. For the past four years this annual camp has gathered hundreds of teens around North America from The Family International Christian fellowship for an unforgettable week of music, fellowship and spiritual input. Read more about Wordstock IV, May 2007

Wordstock 2006 - Outreach Sponsorship

"There’s no comparison to the excitement, challenge, and wonder that Wordstock 2006 brought into my life. The “high energy level bands” and their soul-searching lyrics, the sample of other professional and dedicated young Christians, and the progressive and enlightening classes that I was privileged to be a part of have all come together and left a fiery blaze burning in my spirit.” Read more about Wordstock 2006 - Outreach Sponsorship

Outreach Sponsorship: Wordstock 2005

In order to help the young people raise their admissions fee, Activated Ministries donated a total of 1,835 devotional booklets, 3,870 audio CD’s, and 400 posters to be sold as a fundraiser for this event. Five of our volunteers attended WordStock as staff members, counselors, and musicians.

WordStock 2005 was a much anticipated event and a great success and we’d like to thank all of our faithful supporters who make our youth ministries possible. God bless you for your faithful generosity, it’s making a difference every day.

Thank you letters from attendees. Read more about Outreach Sponsorship: Wordstock 2005

Family Care Uganda - Outreach Sponsorship

Recently Family Care Uganda, a project supported by Activated ministries, was contacted by Richard and Sally Hoffman, who had been missionaries to the Ik some 10 years earlier, asking if they would consider helping to record Bible stories in Icetot (pronounced i-che-tot) the language of the Ik tribe. Following is an account given by a volunteer at Family Care Uganda detailing this project and their first visit to meet the Ik: Read more about Family Care Uganda - Outreach Sponsorship

Uganda, Africa

RadioActive Productions and Family Care Uganda (NGO) have been set up to work towards bringing God’s love to the Ugandan people through radio and charity work. Our syndicated show, ‘Nu Beat’ has been played weekly on 8 different radio stations covering the whole of Uganda even out in the far reaching villages where here, if people have not much else, they have a radio! Aside from this we have a live 3-hour show, called ‘Get Activated’ on the largest vernacular station here. Read more about Uganda, Africa

Sponsored magazines to Nepal

Anita Healey

Thank you Activated Ministries, for your sponsorship of Activated magazines for our local outreach program. We know that this will go a long way towards spreading the Lord’s words and encouragement here in Nepal. We safely received the first issue and should be receiving the rest soon. Attached are a few photos from this month--only the beginning stages of all those who will benefit from the monthly Activated magazines. Thank you so much for making all of this possible! God bless you! Read more about Sponsored magazines to Nepal

Outreach Sponsorship Program: Mexico City,Mexico

This Christmas was once again a-buzz with reaching the poor and needy of Mexico City with our message of love and salvation through Jesus. We delivered tons of food, toys, clothing and the joy of Christmas to the San Vicente orphanage, a Home for Blind Girls, an old folks Home and to hundreds of homeless youth on the streets of Mexico City. This year, thanks to Activated Ministries, our outreach was highlighted by having an assortment of free Christmas tapes, CD cards and magazines to give out. Read more about Outreach Sponsorship Program: Mexico City,Mexico