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Uganda, Africa

RadioActive Productions and Family Care Uganda (NGO) have been set up to work towards bringing God’s love to the Ugandan people through radio and charity work. Our syndicated show, ‘Nu Beat’ has been played weekly on 8 different radio stations covering the whole of Uganda even out in the far reaching villages where here, if people have not much else, they have a radio! Aside from this we have a live 3-hour show, called ‘Get Activated’ on the largest vernacular station here. It has been a real blessing to so many and we have recently opened a phone line for people to SMS prayer requests or counselling questions or requests to and we have gotten so many positive reactions. People so thankful for the Word we have.

We’ve also set ourselves up as a distribution center for bringing and collecting donated goods to about 15 organizations of orphans, street kids, women and orphans of AIDS victims and centers for physically disabled. We have set some centers up such as L’Arche, a home for the disabled with a weekly supply of bread and meat which they desperately needed.

We’re now running two Bible study groups: One for University students and one for businessmen and women in downtown Kampala. We wanted to thank Activated Ministries for their faithful support and taking some of our volunteers in when they visited San Diego. It was a wonderful time and we hope to work more closely with them in the future. Activated is definitely the magazine for the hour and it’s been wonderful to have it going hand in hand with the radio shows as we offer the subscription to listeners. Those who have signed up have commented that it’s what keeps them going through the day or something they look forward to reading first thing in the morning.

There are groups of Bible students up in northern Uganda that we have been able to visit on occasion to teach and who have in turn taught others using the Activated books and magazine as a base. They have been able to work with the refugees from the Congo and Bunia’s civil war, so the message keeps on going—a little goes such a long way.