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150 books to the children of Chile

Sara Garcia

Our volunteers have used the Christmas season as a way to reach the children of Chile with the message of God’s love for the last 12 years. Usually we hold Christmas parties to sing carols, tell the story of the first Christmas, have refreshments and then give out toys to the children. Read more about 150 books to the children of Chile

Children's Day in Bogota, Columbia

Alvaro Baez

The Las Arenitas preschool education center is located in one of the many violence-threatened neighborhoods in Bogota, Columbia. Most of the children who attend are from single-parent homes, and most mothers have been victims of abuse. One doesn’t need to go too far from the city to find these areas in which poverty and violence are rampant. Read more about Children's Day in Bogota, Columbia

La Guajira Proyect – Bogota, Colombia

Marcos and Joy Alvaro

Far removed from the central highway and a good distance from any town center, we began our hike of several kilometers, under the tropical sun, to Rancherias - a place where the simple and charming inhabitants of Wayúu tribe live. The Wayúu are indigenous people who have maintained their purity and traditions and live in this area of the Colombian Caribbean coast spread over approximately 5.800mi² in Colombia and 4.600 mi² in Venezuela without taking into account the boundaries between these two countries. Read more about La Guajira Proyect – Bogota, Colombia

A special gift for the struggling in Michigan

Paloma Barcelo

Here at our Family International Southeast Michigan chapter, fellow missionaries and I had noticed the effects of homelessness in the community growing for sometime. Over the last few years more families have moved out of the neighborhoods here in Michigan. Families with children account for 38% of the homeless population. We felt that though each situation was unique and so many needs were beyond us, there was a need that we could fill – that of friendship and faith. Read more about A special gift for the struggling in Michigan

The Michigan Cancer Institute

Paloma Barcelo

In one of the top, most prestigious cancer research and treatment facilities in the country you will find some of the most broken people, in need of love and a comfort that cannot be found in the medicines of modern science. Read more about The Michigan Cancer Institute

Delivery of sponsored materials to schools in Polokwane, South Africa


We just came back from a trip up to Polokwane in the north of South Africa where we were finally able to deliver the last installment of the materials Activated Ministries so kindly sponsored at the end of 2010. We delivered the materials to four schools that we have been working with up there. All are pretty limited budget schools, but over the years these were the schools where the teaching staff has been the most faithful to actually use the materials that they have received from us. Read more about Delivery of sponsored materials to schools in Polokwane, South Africa

Pre-school education seminar in Indonesia

Carl M. Arnold

One of the main needs facing Indonesia today is the education of its children and the need for quality educational materials, especially in the local language.There is a great vacuum for character-building materials which reinforce a child’s moral training in day-to-day living and learning to communicate and relate to those around him. Children are the hope of the future and must be encouraged and challenged in a positive way. Read more about Pre-school education seminar in Indonesia

The World Cup is over


As the last game ended and Spain emerged the victors after avery hard fought win, I began to reflect on what I've just experienced over the last month in South Africa. What would I remember from the 2010 World Cup games?

--The camaraderie of the more than 50 volunteers that we worked with to pass out the Activated magazines, the tracts and the Good Times newspapers. Playing2Win was a winning team!

--I remember the faces of those watching the dramas in the streets reflecting on their own lives and beliefs. Read more about The World Cup is over

Update from Playing2Win at the South Africa World Cup


Wednesday's game between South Africa and Uruguay was a milestone for this host country. The hours preceding the game had the streets filled with excited and expectant fans. Yellow, red, green, black and white were everywhere! The colors of the home team! Being that many of our team has been working in this country for years, I'd have to say that the majority of the Playing2win and Activated folks were cheering for Bafana Bafana. Read more about Update from Playing2Win at the South Africa World Cup

Day 2 of the World Cup Games


I'll have to say we beat the traffic today and headed out by 10am to get to a game that started at 8:00 pm. The trip to Rustenburg was beautiful. It took about an hour and a half and was a very pleasant ride past hay bales and tractors, orange groves and tall grasses. South African highways are great (except they drive on the wrong side of the road!) While stopping for petrol (gasoline), the attendants were thrilled to get copies of Activated magazines. Read more about Day 2 of the World Cup Games