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Update from Playing2Win at the South Africa World Cup


Wednesday's game between South Africa and Uruguay was a milestone for this host country. The hours preceding the game had the streets filled with excited and expectant fans. Yellow, red, green, black and white were everywhere! The colors of the home team! Being that many of our team has been working in this country for years, I'd have to say that the majority of the Playing2win and Activated folks were cheering for Bafana Bafana.

Whenever South Africa plays, the roads and streets flood with fans showing their support. Unfortunately, the day ended in what could seem like a disappointment with Uruguay beating South Africa 3-0. I think most of us felt like weeping. Fans even left the game early, once it looked like defeat was evident. Can you imagine the disappointment of the players?

Yet in stopping to consider the overall picture, I have to say that having the World Cup in South Africa has been nothing but a wonderful thing. I think that if you look at how much the games have done to unite the people of South Africa as they prepared for this event, the victory is huge – much greater than just a single win or loss of a game. Putting the loss of one game into perspective helps us to see not just one loss, but the greater value that has come from the uniting of South Africans around this event. Everyone wants to support their nation together!

People from all over the world are getting to see what a beautiful country this is, what welcoming and warm people live here and I pray that this event not only unites the people in South Africa, but is also something that brings people together from every country that is visiting here.

We're sending teams out almost daily to talk with people, inspire and encourage them, give them a smile and word of encouragement, and tracts and Activated magazines that they can take with them to warm their hearts in this cold weather! Our job isoutside the stadium and we're reaching so many from places far and near with God's love. The world is changing and we're a part of it!