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Day 2 of the World Cup Games


I'll have to say we beat the traffic today and headed out by 10am to get to a game that started at 8:00 pm. The trip to Rustenburg was beautiful. It took about an hour and a half and was a very pleasant ride past hay bales and tractors, orange groves and tall grasses. South African highways are great (except they drive on the wrong side of the road!) While stopping for petrol (gasoline), the attendants were thrilled to get copies of Activated magazines.

In fact, everyone we've given them to has been very pleased with the gift they receive. Not once have I had anyone refuse one or not give a great big smile when I gave them a magazine. In fact, on the way home tonight, after asking directions from the young gas station attendant and giving him a magazine, he reached right over with a huge smile and hugged me! South Africans are a warm and hearty people, very friendly and real.

We got to the Rustenburg Royal Bafokeng Stadium well before any game was to start and had a good look around. Literally around, as we couldn't get into the stadium area as security was very tight at all the perimeters. We were able to find parking almost right beside the stadium in the yard of a dear man named Brother. He was renting parking spaces, as he was in a perfect location to get some good business during games.

There were about 20 cars parked in his yard and in the middle of all the cars a very friendly team of UK fans was making the most of the wait beforethe game. They had hired Brother to run out and get some beverages and meat for a typical South African BBQ, called a Braai. He ran out and miraculously gotthem the charcoal and fixings for a party and they were set! The music was blaring from the car and the sound of the vuvuzelas was beginning! Some of the guys from this group of friends had come all the way from Bombay just for this game! And some of the others had driven from Zimbabwe.

As the crowds grew we were able to talk to many people and give them tracts and Activated magazines. In each of the cities that are hosting the actual FIFA games there are Fan Fest Parks with large screens that broadcast the games of the day. Thousands gather there and eat, drink, blow on the vuvuzelas and cheer wildly! Everywhere you see people wrapped in flags, faces painted to show their loyalties, hats made of balloons, or velvet or flags! Yes, more flags!

So off we went to the Fan Fest in Rustenburg. Security is tight getting in, we were frisked (lightly), our bags gone through and they took away our water bottles! It was like going through airport security and then they did it again a second and third time. So, after going through the multiple checks to make sure we didn't have food, water or anything dangerous on us, we made it in to watch the game on a huge screen.

As the first game of the day between Nigeria and Argentina ended with the Argentines the victors 1-0, we decided it was getting way too cold and dark and it was time to go home and watch the second game in the comfort of the house, by the fireplace! It was a tie!1-1. A bit disappointing for England, as they were expected to do better, but good for the US!

Will write more later. Ayoba! I'm really not sure what Ayoba means, but some of the meanings I've been given are "hooray","cool", "yaay". It's supposed to mean something very exuberant and sweet and cool and nice. So everyone is shouting "AYOBA".